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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Flower Workshop Instruction Sheet

Flora's Garden

Workshop Instruction

Sheet - April 2011

Today’s Flowers and Foliage:

Aster (Painted Lady)

Mini Gerbera (Rowan Aqua)

Rose (Avalanche)

Chrysanthemum (various)

Aspidistra leaf


Galax Leaf

1. Easter Box Arrangement


An Oasis foam based gift arrangement which can be

arranged to form a ‘dome’ shape of blooms within a plant box or box vase.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut Oasis to size, approx ½ inch taller than container.

· Soak Oasis

· Apply to box using floral fix and a ‘frog’

· Begin arrangement using foliage to create a dome shape.

· Place focal flowers within the arrangement to add flashes of colour.

· Add remaining flowers finishing with spray flower for texture.

· Finishing touches.

Skills Learnt:

Using floral foam

Preparation and use of a range of flowers and foliage


Design and layered construction of a floral arrangement

2. Buttonhole/Corsage


A collection of wired flowers/foliage which is pinned to a person’s garment as decoration at an event.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut head of focal flower at the base and wire and tape.

· Cut leaves and spray flowers, wire and tape.

· Hold the wired elements together and tape altogether to create one stem.

· Trim and tidy, apply final touches such as pearl pin and bouillon wire.

Skills Learnt:

Wiring, taping.

3. Floral Favour


A small floral decoration often used in weddings or large dinner parties as a place name or small gift.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut a small cuboid of Oasis foam and soak.

· Wrap in aspidistra leaves which have been cut to size. Pin.

· Cut rose head to 1 inch of stem. Push into Oasis foam.

· Add galax leaves and foliage

· Add pearl pins and wire to decorate.

Skills Learnt: Using floral foam, pinning and wiring.

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