Thursday, 2 June 2011

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Flower Workshop Instruction Sheet

Flora's Garden

Workshop Instruction

Sheet - April 2011

Today’s Flowers and Foliage:

Aster (Painted Lady)

Mini Gerbera (Rowan Aqua)

Rose (Avalanche)

Chrysanthemum (various)

Aspidistra leaf


Galax Leaf

1. Easter Box Arrangement


An Oasis foam based gift arrangement which can be

arranged to form a ‘dome’ shape of blooms within a plant box or box vase.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut Oasis to size, approx ½ inch taller than container.

· Soak Oasis

· Apply to box using floral fix and a ‘frog’

· Begin arrangement using foliage to create a dome shape.

· Place focal flowers within the arrangement to add flashes of colour.

· Add remaining flowers finishing with spray flower for texture.

· Finishing touches.

Skills Learnt:

Using floral foam

Preparation and use of a range of flowers and foliage


Design and layered construction of a floral arrangement

2. Buttonhole/Corsage


A collection of wired flowers/foliage which is pinned to a person’s garment as decoration at an event.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut head of focal flower at the base and wire and tape.

· Cut leaves and spray flowers, wire and tape.

· Hold the wired elements together and tape altogether to create one stem.

· Trim and tidy, apply final touches such as pearl pin and bouillon wire.

Skills Learnt:

Wiring, taping.

3. Floral Favour


A small floral decoration often used in weddings or large dinner parties as a place name or small gift.

Stages of Construction:

· Cut a small cuboid of Oasis foam and soak.

· Wrap in aspidistra leaves which have been cut to size. Pin.

· Cut rose head to 1 inch of stem. Push into Oasis foam.

· Add galax leaves and foliage

· Add pearl pins and wire to decorate.

Skills Learnt: Using floral foam, pinning and wiring.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Flower Arranging Workshop!

Another fantastic floral workshop last night - this time we were creating summer baskets of flowers. We used an array of chrysanths, mini gerbera, solidago, alstromeria tiesto, santin chrysanths and bear grass. The results were lovely!

For details of further courses please see our Facebook Page Events Section

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day Flower Workshop

Well, we had a fantastic afternoon on Saturday. Some real natural talent and creativity! I encouraged everyone to use their own design style by choosing accessories and colours for their arrangements and the outcome was fantastic. We had such a range of designs!

See above for the arrangement I demonstrated and our group photo with all our creations!

Next Workshop is in May. Check our Facebook page for other Northampton Flower Workshops, Flower Arranging Courses, and Floral Design Demos.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Very excited to see how many of you view my Blog from around the world! Will try and keep it a bit more interesting from now on - I have been writing these posts wondering if anyone EVER reads or views any of it... Apparently 3 of my viewers were from Cameroon, amazing!!

Will update after the Mother's Day Workshop this weekend.... very excited :-) Then next weekend it's a gorgeous purple/orange/green wedding in Coventry. The photos are gonna be niiicccceee....

Spring delights!

Have been enjoying the yellow flowers of spring with these arrangements...

Mostly looking forward to this weekend's Mother's Day Flower Workshop! I am also planning further Floral Design, Flower Arranging, Floristry Courses and Workshops over the next year. Check out my events on my Facebook Page. Planned so far - Summer Flower Arranging Workshop, Vintage Flower Arranging Workshop, Floral Design Day Course and Halloween Flower Workshop.

Also, I will be running a Boutonniere Demonstration and Workshop at 78 Derngate on 9th June 2011. This will be followed by glorious Cream Tea in the Gallery! Lovely!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Flower Workshop!

My workshop is now all up and running, it's soooo fantastic. Minty green and spacious, it's a paradise to work in. I love it best when the sun's out and I can have the windows and doors open - it's like working outside with mother nature herself! Which is just how floristry should be in my opinion...... :-D

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mother's Day Flower Workshop

After the success and fantastic feedback of the Christmas Workshops, I shall be running an afternoon Mother's Day Workshop for you to create your very own Mother's Day flower gift! Or come along with your Mum and spend the afternoon together creating and arrangement each :-)

You will be making a modern luxury box flower arrangement perfect as a table centrepiece or mantel decoration. You will be using Oasis foam and will learn ...some basic wiring skills too!

The arrangement will last for up to 2 weeks (as long as it's taken care of!) so it will give your Mum weeks of happiness!

Men and women welcome - men don't be afraid to get girly, it's for your Mum afterall :-)

Total cost of the workshop including all materials, demonstration, afternoon tea and (homemade) cakes: £35.00

07876 788 005

Look forward to seeing you all!

*UPDATE* 21st Feb:
I have had some requests for Mother's/Daughters to come along and work on the arrangement as a pair - this is fine too, you will have the materials and equipment for one person but simply create the arrangement together. £35.00 per pair.

Click to See the event on Facebook

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pink Wedding...

Check out our most recent wedding in Flore, Northamptonshire. Really different with a black and pink theme! Congrats Leah and Martin!

Country Life February 9th 2011

Take a look at the feature in this week's Country Life Mag! 'Invest in Yourself'....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bright and blousy!

I'm loving the fact that it's nearly springtime and the daffodils and tulips will be in abundance! This arrangement was for the Mackintosh House and Galleries - they asked for 'bright and blousy' - think it just about fits the description :-)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I have so much planned for 2011 - it's gonna be great! Workshops galore - Mother's Day, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas :-)

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