Friday, 30 July 2010

Bouquets Bouquets Bouquets!

Mmmmm I've been working with dried lavender today - the whole workshop is filled with the aroma, it's gorgeous. Had some lovely bouquet requests recently - purple and red, country lavender, I love it when I am asked for something specific but get to add a little twist of my own too... creativity at it's best!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Article in Princes' Trust Mentor Quarterly Update

My Big Career Change: Administrator to Florist & Business Owner

I suppose you could say it all began when I was 17 and I was asked by a relative the obligatory question: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?!’ Growing up itself seemed an ominous prospect let alone the idea of an actual career. My love of English literature and reading lead me to answer ‘perhaps a writer…’ shortly followed by ‘…or a florist?’ To which most people would laugh light heartedly. It may have started light heartedly but it has developed over the years from a suggestion, to a dream, to my reality. I now own and run, my very own Creative Online Florist.

I finished my degree in English Literature with a feeling of excitement and apprehension; I was going to enter the world of work with the advantage of a solid education and bag loads of ambition to go with it. However, around the time of the recession we all know it wasn’t as easy as that. I was lucky to land a job but it was at this time when I began to take a look back at my real dreams – and floristry was one of them. After making the decision that floristry was a creative and colourful industry I was eager to explore, I searched for a training programme that would suit me. I signed up for the prestigious private tuition of Judith Blacklock. I felt ready to step into the world of self employment. And so that’s exactly what I did.

The Princes’ Trust Business Programme was where I turned next. I was given endless support with marketing, accounts, branding and general business advice. The support was priceless and boosted my confidence incredibly. Equipped with my confidence and business plan I finally felt able as a florist and as a business woman. I went to a dragon’s den style panel and secured myself some investment with the Trust to help me with start up costs. This has enabled me to set up a website, carry out some marketing, set up a workshop and allow me to buy all the initial materials needed for such a business. The mentoring began a few weeks after this and has been the key factor in keeping me motivated through the more difficult times. I soon realised that self employment can be an intimidating and isolating prospect; my mentor has not only given me business knowledge, but the most valuable gift any new business owner needs: encouragement. Through the mentoring I have gained confidence and realised my potential. I have also been able to talk about my weaknesses and how these can be addressed – it’s so vital to be able to recognise that you cannot be perfect, but that this is ok!

I have since had a feature in a local cultural magazine and have numerous wedding and events bookings as well as selling gift bouquets weekly. A few of my clients have defined me as their ‘personal florist’ and are constantly enhancing my reputation through word of mouth. The orders and bookings are now snowballing and I could not have done it without the support provided by my friends, family and The Princes’ Trust.

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Had some lovely 'fiery' coloured bouquets to deliver this week. I loved using the gold feathers!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My favourite rose is the Luxor. Nature's genius art.

Recent Bouquet Orders

From bottom up:
Firstly we have a lovely country bouquet with violet stocks and soft asparagus fern...
Second is a simple yellow rose wrapped bunch...
And last but most beautiful, a luxury passion rose mass hand tied...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spanish Delights

What a lush and vibrant area Manilva is! I saw some fantastic flowers and gardens on my trip to spain recently. A lot of rich purples and pinks - my favourite! I really recommend the area - Port Duquesa and Sabinillas not only have some beautiful views but fantastic food and local people too!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Anniversary Flowers

I loved delivering this luxurious bouquet of aqua pink roses and aspidistra - I have never seen a wife look so delighted!

Festival Flowers

Glastonbury and Blissfields were as fantastic as ever this year! There were flowers galore, mother nature was celebrated with vehemence and it was a delight to see!

This year's key accessory seemed to be the hair garland - everyone had one and they were pretty & intricate.... Would have been lovely to don a fresh flower garland but unfortunately the weather would have sizzled them in no time and there's nothing worse than brown limp flowers is there?

We had Flora's Garden bags and stickers this year and flaunted them proudly :-)